Asetek SimSports Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals


Art and Science

can walk together hand in hand

- Leonardo da Vinci

Asetek SimSports Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals


Driven by a shared passion for performance and innovation, Pagani and Asetek joined forces. This is the closest you can get to the rush of driving a Pagani Huayra R – one of the world’s most exclusive, high-performance hypercars.


The pedal arms and footplates are based on the real-life Pagani Huayra R track car. The provided elastomer is designed to give sim racers the feel of he Huayra R´s brake pedal.

The essence of a
dream is the desire to achieve it

- Horacio Pagani, founder of Pagani

For ultimate performance,
the answer is in
the detail

- André Eriksen, founder of Asetek

The cool of Scandinavia
swept with Italian ferocity.

The union seems meant to be. For over 20 years, Pagani and Asetek have weaved their respective designs around performance and aesthetics.
Get the best of both worlds by fulfilling a sim racers’ dream: The chance to put the beauty of a Pagani Huayra R in their sim rig at home.

Arte In Pista –
Art on the Track

The pedal arms and footplates are modeled after the real-life Pagani Huayra R track car – only slightly modified to adapt to simulator use.

The rock-hard brake pedal mimics the feel of the Huayra R, including a 2-stage race car braking system with minimum pedal travel.

Performance. Precision. Pagani.

The Huayra R-tailored RaceHub™ software enables quick and easy customization of the pedal setting as well as the configurable ARGB lighting.

Before shipping, all pedals are assembled and tested in Denmark. It truly is the peak of Italian design and Danish engineering, unified.

On the wings of
a wind

Form must follow function. Now sim rigs can take on a form like no other with the sculpt and elegance of the Pagani Huarya R.

The Huarya R is a tornadic burst – compacting 850 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque in a mere 1.050 kilogram body.

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