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Forte® Formula Steering Wheel

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Inspired by real-life Formula cars, the Asetek SimSports® Forte® Formula Steering Wheel is crafted for ultimate performance.

Equipped with 128 individual input options, the Forte wheel allows you to customize and map all buttons, switches, encoders, and paddles to create the steering wheel that fits you the best.

To reinforce the overall anti-flex and create a proper interface for the removable handles, the chassis features a metal spider interface. This guarantees a rigid, non-flexing steering wheel that allows you to change handles over time, ensuring the wheel always suits your needs perfectly. 

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In Every Sense Customizable


With 128 individual input options, the Forte® Formula Steering Wheel will through RaceHub™ give you the option to customize and map all buttons, switches, encoders, and paddles you need to be on top of your game. Featuring 12 push buttons, two 2-way toggle switches and two 7-way kinky switches, 3 rotary encoders, and 6 thumb encoders, you are able to control all of your desired settings. All buttons, switches, and rotaries are of the highest quality standards and fully tested and validated in our automated button testing machines to ensure years and years of reliable daily use.


The backside features 2 contactless magnetic shifter paddles for fast and seamless gear shifts. The wheel is easily upgradeable to a dual-clutch for perfect race starts as well as 2 additional mappable paddles that can be used for effortless overtakes and DRS activation. The paddles and associated mechanics are injection molded with an ultralight and stiff carbon composite material.

Furthermore, the wheel features 49 fully customizable ARGB LEDs including rev and flag lights – allowing you to not only customize the look of your steering wheel, but also help you make those split-second decisions that can make the difference between success and failure.

LEDs can be adjusted, dimmed, color customized, and mapped in RaceHub, and each button and LED can be clearly marked via the provided sticker sheet, giving a backlit label for each function on your wheel.


We always strive to design products that you can customize to meet your needs. 
This is why we utilize an injection-molded chassis composed of a carbon, glass, and plastic composite material, along with a laser-etched forged carbon exterior, to ensure superior natural rigidity and strength without compromising the wheel’s adaptability.  
This design allows you to effortlessly change the handles, add clutches and DRS paddles while not relying on the faceplate and handles to provide strength and stiffness. 

The ergonomic handles are made with a soft, comfortable, and durable silicone rubber that ensures ease of cleaning and disinfection. Whether you race with gloves or not, these handles provide ultimate comfort and control every time you grab the wheel. 
And featuring a front face crafted from a 2 mm woven carbon plate, offering a beautiful home for all buttons and switches, you are ready to dominate race tracks all around the world.

The replaceable and ergonomic handles ensure you can customize the steering wheel to suit your preferences perfectly.


Make the wheel your own.

With a wide range of accessories, you can personalize the wheel to your preferences.

Some accessories are dedicated specifically to the Formula Steering Wheels. You can find them with this compatibility logo.


Do you want more out of your wheel?

Upgrade your Forte® Formula Steering Wheel or Forte® Button Box with analog dual Clutch Paddles or Digital Dual Input Paddles.

Both are designed to give you that all-important competitive edge.

Forte® Compatible
Clutch Paddles
$ 37.99 Excl. VAT $ 37.99
Forte® Compatible
Magnetic Input Paddles
$ 37.99 Excl. VAT $ 37.99
Orange buttons (Encoder + 7-way)
$ 12.99 Excl. VAT $ 12.99
Sim Racing Steering Wheel Wall Mount
$ 12.99 Excl. VAT $ 12.99
Formula Compatible
XL Handles
$ 84.99 Excl. VAT $ 84.99




Find every steering wheel manual here.

Tech Specs:

  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design 
  • 49 Total programmable ARGB LEDs
  • 15 aRGB RevLEDs 
  • 6 aRGB FlagLEDs 
  • 12 Button ARGB LEDs 
  • 12 aRGB LEDs for backlit rotary switches 
  • 12 Push buttons, 2 two-way Toggle switches, 2 seven-way Kinky switches 
  • 3 twelve position Rotary encoders, 6 Thumb encoders
  • 2 Contactless Magnetic shifter Paddles with additional optional paddles being upgradable 
  • Injection molded Carbon fiber reinforced composite chassis with laser etched forged carbon structure 
  • 2 mm woven carbon fiber front face  
  • Possibility to change to XL handles at a later time
  • Easy-to-use, no-play quick-release. Ensuring stable data and power transmission without the use of cables, batteries, or wireless signals.

Software Features

  • Full button, switch, encoder, and paddle custom mapping 
  • Customizable Rev lights 
  • Pitlane control and Pit limiter 
  • Night mode 
  • LED start-up sequence 
  • Auto connection detection
  • Clutch configuration


  • 11.4 in diameter with default configuration.
  • 11.6 in diameter with XL handles. 


Box Contents:

  • Forte® Formula Steering Wheel
  • Button Label Sticker Sheet
  • Anti-static Carbon Fiber Tweezer
  • Grey replacement cushions for handles

To the extent possible, an upgrade to console support is planned in the future via a motherboard exchange. 

 Platforms: Windows 10, 11 



  • Assetto Corsa 
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione 
  • DiRT Rally 
  • DiRT Rally 2.0
  • F1 Series 
  • iRacing 
  • Project Cars 2 
  • rFactor 2 


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