Wheelbase settings for Assetto Corsa

Even though Assetto Corsa is reaching 10 years of age, it remains a solid go-to for sim racers as it offers a wide range of cars, tracks, and great mods. 

Due to the wide range of cars, making a setup that fits all cars is tricky. Despite this, we’ve developed some solid settings that work well as a baseline.  

If you want to dive into a deeper explanation of each of the different settings, check out the iRacing Guide.

If don’t use Assetto Corsa, you can find wheelbase guides for other games here:

Let’s get started with Assetto Corsa:

RaceHub Settings for Assetto Corsa: 

Invicta – 20nm – Gain: 34%

Forte – 18nm – Gain: 38% 

La Prima – 12nm – Gain: 56%

Steering range: 900 Degrees. (If custom soft lock is enabled, it can be set to max degrees. Soft lock requires the following mods: Content manager and Shaders Patch)  

Bumpstop hardness:
Invicta and Forte: Soft

La Prima: Medium

Bumpstop Range: 0 

High-Frequency Limit: No Limit.

Dampning: 0%

Invicta and Forte – 10%

La Prima – 15%

Inertia: Off

Cornering Force Assist: Off

Overall Force: Max

Torque Behavior Prediction: Off

Slew Rate: Max 

Anti Oscillation: 5%

Assetto Corsa in-game settings

Degrees: 900 (same as RaceHub)

Gamma: 1.0

Scale: 100%

Auto-adjust scale to match cars steer lock: Off

Filter: 0%

Speed sensitivity: 0%

Filter: 0%: You can increase this, yet the wheelbases already generate a smooth feeling. 

Minimum Force: 0% 

Kerb effect: 8% – some kerbs don’t generate enough Force Feedback, so this setting can help increase this. Keep it under 10 %, as it easily can be too much.  

Road effect: 0% – Leave it off, as it often generates an unrealistic feeling. 

Slip effect: 18% – Even though the game is excellent at telling you if you are losing grip, this setting can increase the vibration level when losing grip, which works quite well. 

ABS effect: 8% – Adds vibrations when ABS kicks in. 

Enhanced understeer effect: Off

Soft Lock: Off (don’t use the soft lock in-game, use the custom soft lock from Shaders patch) 

Skip FFB Steps: 0

Tweaking your settings in-game and in RaceHub is just as crucial as tweaking the car’s setup. These settings work well as an overall baseline that you can adjust to your preferences.

Other wheelbase settings:

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Automobilista 2

F1 23


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