Coaching time – The fastest way to improve lap times and consistency!

We’ve teamed up with Benjamin Bailly, a pro driver coach, and former F2 race winner! He’s now your coach in our new series, Coaching Time. The first episode focuses on the art of professional braking: —check it out here: Coaching Time episode 1 👈

If you relate to the following, this episode is for you:

  • I am fast around one lap but struggle to keep the pace over longer distances.
  • I often experience understeer and find it hard to hit the apexes consistently.
  • I keep locking up or keep overshooting the corner.

If you can say yes to one or more of the above, then you probably should have a look at your braking and your approach to the corners.

Despite what you might think, focusing on the slowest parts of the lap can massively improve your lap times.

We have to look at braking like a domino effect. When you approach the corner, the braking is the first part of the domino. If the first part isn’t perfect, you compromise the entry to the corner and the exit. This ultimately means that you will lose time on all the straights.

This is where you need to understand trail braking, weight transfer, brake balance, and braking markers.

Join Benjamin Bailly as he explains everything you need to know here: Watch now 👈

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