GUIDE – Which Asetek SimSports Rim should I pick?

We have launched a new line of Button Boxes featuring six different rims. But which one should you choose to fit your racing needs?

Let’s explore which racing disciplines each rim is traditionally used:

The first discipline we are going to dive into is Rally.  


Imagine tearing through narrow gravel roads in the middle of a forest, flying over bumps and throwing the car into corners. That’s the thrilling world of rally.  

In Rally, drivers and their co-drivers race against the clock rather than head-to-head with other drivers. The courses, known as stages, cover a variety of surfaces like gravel, mud, snow, and tarmac, making each rally a unique test of adaptability and precision. 

If you want to succeed in the world of rally, you need to constantly be on the edge, feeling every slide and movement of the car. The steering wheel becomes an instrument of finesse, allowing drivers to navigate with accuracy and maintain control over every bump.  

Which steering wheels are used in Rally? 

The steering wheels used in rally are mostly round with a suede finish.
This round shape and suede finish of rally steering wheels are carefully chosen to offer drivers the best possible combination of control, grip, durability and comfort. These are essential factors in the intense and unpredictable world of rally. 

The round shape of the steering wheel is versatile and allows the driver to make quick and precise adjustments. This is crucial as the driver is constantly adjusting the steering to navigate different surfaces and corners. 

Our new round comfort+ rim offers the most authentic rally experience:  

If you are not a fan of the suede look, we recommend this wheel instead:  

We recommend using racing gloves for the best experience, especially with the suede wheel.  


GT cars are like undercover superheroes. They might look sleek and polished, but underneath the hood, is a high-performance beast. 

Unlike the off-road adventures of rally racing, GT racing takes place on purpose-built tracks. These tracks demand not only top speed but also meticulous control as drivers navigate a series of challenging turns, straights, and elevation changes. The tracks range from high-speed corners at Portimao to tight corners at Macau. This means drivers need a diverse set of skills, to be fast in all races during the season. 

Compared to formula racing, the driving experience of a GT-car is heavier with a tendency towards understeering. This means you must be cautious about carrying too much speed into corners and instead focus on getting early on the gas to prepare for the straight. As Sebastian Vettel once put it “Honestly what are we doing here, racing or ping pong” and yes Sebastian, in GT racing we often bash a few doors and tend to be more like ping pong racing – At least if we are talking about DTM.   

Which steering wheels are used in GT-racing 

The materials are of high-quality materials such as grippy leather or suede cover. The leather or suede not only provides a comfortable and tactile surface for the driver’s hands but also ensures a secure grip during long periods of racing.  

Unlike the simple round design often seen in rally cars, GT racing steering wheels often have a more complex, ergonomic shape. The steering wheel varies a lot between the different cars. Some cars use a formula style wheel and others a closed or open D shaped wheel.  

These rims offer the most authentic GT experience:  

Prototype racing: LMP3 and LMP2 

This category is very similar to formula cars. They are designed with plenty of downforce, allowing high speeds through the fast corners.   

These purpose-built racing cars are designed to compete in endurance races, showcasing a combination of aerodynamics, cutting-edge engineering, and performance. You’ll find these cars primarily in WEC and IMSA. The cars are built to withstand the extreme wear of endurance racing, for instance in the 24 hours of Daytona 24 or Le Mans.  

Which steering wheels are used in prototype racing? 

The open D Rims and formula wheels replicate some of the steering wheels used in LMP3 and LMP2 cars.  

The design of the steering wheel is carefully crafted for ergonomic comfort. There isn’t much room inside these cars, and therefore the wheel must fit snugly in the driver’s hands, allowing for precise control and quick maneuvers during the race. The grip material is either made of leather or suede, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.  

These rims offer the most authentic prototype experience:  

The best drivers can handle all kinds of racing. Challenge yourself now!  

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