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Questions About Our Sim Racing Wheel and Wheelbase
2 May, 2024

Questions About Our Sim Racing Wheel and Wheelbase

Update: Our Direct Drive Wheelbases are now in stock on our webshop.

You can find them by using the links below:


On September 14th, we hosted a Q&A session with our CEO, André Eriksen, where a lot of questions were about our upcoming sim racing steering wheel and direct drive wheelbase.

If you haven’t watched the Q&A session, don’t worry. In this blog post, we have gathered some of the questions about the steering wheel and wheelbase.

You’ll find the questions and answers down below.

The Sim Racing Steering Wheels Showcased at Gamescom: What Will Change?

At Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, we showcased our pre-production Forte® Sim Racing Steering Wheel and Invicta™ Wheelbase. In that context, we’ve received many questions regarding what will change when they launch.

The sim racing steering wheel and wheelbase we showed at Gamescom were almost the final products from a functional point of view. There are not going to be a lot of changes in this aspect.

The Forte® Sim Racing Wheel we showcased was a 3D-printed version, and when the final wheel is ready, it will look WAY better. That’s a promise!

If you want to know more about this, you can watch this video.

Update: Our Quick Release Adapters are now in stock on our webshop.


What About the Quick Release Wheelbase for Other Manufacturers?

We’re investigating what we can do to make ‘universal’ adapters, so it’s possible to connect sim racing steering wheels from other brands to our wheelbases. At the moment, there are several factors to consider.

For example, if you have a USB-based steering wheel for sim racing that potentially supports the standards we have in our system. Can we make that steering wheel wireless for you, so the Quick Release can be used as intended? That’s one of the factors we’re working on right now.

Furthermore, we have contacted several other sim racing wheel manufacturers and offered them our Quick Release so that they can support our wheelbases with their steering wheels. If the manufacturer of the sim racing wheels doesn’t make wheelbases, it’s a win for everybody – especially you as the end-user of the wheels and wheelbases.

You can find the video here if you want to know more about this topic.

What are the Mounting Options for the Wheelbase?

A significant part of sim racing is setting up your rig to fit your personal preferences. Your sim racing setup shouldn’t be a duplicate of something you’ve seen. The sim rig needs to suit YOUR preferences. 

That is why we aim to make a universal mounting solution for our upcoming wheelbases. We want to give you several opportunities to mount your wheelbase the way you like.

To completely understand our intentions, you can watch this video where André explains our different options for mounting the wheelbase.

(Pre-production Invicta™ Wheelbase)

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