Wheelbase Settings for Automobilista 2

In this blog post, we’ll explore different in-game settings and present a well-rounded default setup for your Asetek SimSports Wheelbase in AMS2.

The settings are based on a default setup, which is why personal preferences can come into play. We suggest you start with the default settings and experiment with your own suggestions based on these.

In other words, the settings in this blog post are a solid starting point if you’re looking for the best settings in AMS2.

We’ll start by looking at the RaceHub software settings and, later, AMS2’s in-game settings. These in-game adjustments affect the force feedback in your wheelbase, altering the feedback you feel through the wheel.

Note: We suggest using Legacy Mode on your Asetek SimSports Steering Wheel because AMS2 only registers 32 buttons.

RaceHub Settings 

Steering range – 900° 

In Automobilista 2, most cars use a 900° rotation. It’s a setting that aligns with the respective in-game cars’ actual degrees of rotation, making a steering range of 900° a good choice.

Bumpstop Hardness

  • Invicta and Forte: Soft
  • La Prima: Medium

Bumpstop Range – 0°

There is no need to adjust this setting as it automatically aligns the degrees with each car’s characteristics.

High-Frequency Limit – 3300 Hz 

Damping – 20% 

Friction – 0% 

Inertia – Off 

Cornering Force Assist – 0

Overall Force

  • Invicta: 20 Nm
    40% in-game
  • Forte: 18 Nm
    44% in-game
  • La Prima: 12 Nm
    66% in-game

Torque Behavior Prediction – 2 

Torque Acceleration Limit – Max 

That is 9.4 Nm/ms on the Invicta wheelbase, 6.7 Nm/ms on the Forte wheelbase, and 4.0 Nm/ms on the La Prima wheelbase. 

Anti-Oscillation – 10% 

AMS2 Settings 


Gain – 40

Low Force Boost – 0

FX – 0

Damping – 0

Menu Spring Strength – 3 

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