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Sim Racing Hardware Reviews, Advertising and Ethics
14 Mar, 2024

Sim Racing Hardware Reviews, Advertising and Ethics

Martin Bylund Larsen

Responsibility and ethics are, and rightfully should be, a part of any company. We are no different.

The way we design products and work with racers and sim racers alike is driven by our values of performance, precision, and passion. When it comes to our advertising, one more value should be added: transparency.

As Asetek entered the direct-to-consumer market with Asetek SimSports, we joined The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN).

CAN is a voluntary coalition of over 70 organizations to ensure that industry ethics catches up with modern advertising technology. 

Asetek has been providing hardware for gamers and enthusiasts for more than 20 years 

Working with reviewers and influencers is an integral part of letting customers know our products will live up to everything they are designed and tested to do.

That is our history, and on the SimSports side of things, we build on that experience. 

Working with Sim Racing Reviewers and Influencers

So let us be abundantly clear when it comes to working with reviewers and influencers: 

  • We believe in full transparency for influencers and reviewers alike 
  • We will not accept that an influencer or reviewer takes payment without disclosing this transparently in the coverage
  • We will enforce a strict separation of reviews and sponsorships
  • We insist on complete transparency regarding prototype samples for ‘first looks/previews’ or market-ready samples for reviews.
  • We expect reviewers and influencers to abide by their local legislation in all respects, and especially regarding disclosure.

Credibility is a currency that takes years to earn and seconds to lose. The best reviewers, influencers, and brands in the industry take this to heart, and so do we.

See more on Asetek’s ethical guidelines here.

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