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Asetek SimSports® MousePad

15,75  Excl. VAT 12,60 

The Asetek SimSports® Mousepad is for you who don’t want to run out of mouse tracking space in the heat of the moment. The mousepad is developed to give you smooth gliding and stopping power, whether you’re gaming or working. Designed in the colors of Asetek SimSports, the mousepad will undoubtedly adorn your setup at home!  

Besides that, there isn’t really more to say about this mousepad. It hasn’t been tested on real mice, only on a bunch of moderately lazy marketing people who liked it enough to bring it back home because it’s “good to do marketing stuff with”. In addition, it has shown a surprisingly good resistance when it comes to spilled coffee and soft drinks.

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90 x 40 cm


Asetek SimSports® Cap
21,00  Excl. VAT 16,80 
Forte® Compatible
Clutch Paddles
47,49  Excl. VAT 37,99 
Forte® Compatible
Magnetic Input Paddles
47,49  Excl. VAT 37,99 
Elastomer Kit
52,49  Excl. VAT 41,99 
Firm Throttle Spring
12,49  Excl. VAT 9,99 
Orange buttons (Encoder + 7-way)
16,24  Excl. VAT 12,99 
Universal Footrest
41,24  Excl. VAT 32,99 
Formula Compatible
Formula XL Handles
106,24  Excl. VAT 84,99 
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