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Asetek SimSports® Table Clamps

$ 29.99 Excl. VAT $ 29.99

Only compatible with the Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount – Buy as a bundle here.

Asetek SimSports® Table Clamps for mounting your wheelbase to most horizontal surfaces.

Mount your wheelbase to most horizontal surfaces!

With the Asetek SimSports® Table Clamps , you get a very versatile mounting solution, that enables you to mount your wheelbase to either a horizontal surface, wheel deck or aluminum rig.

Made in powder coated steel featuring silicone pads for scratch protection of the mounting surface.

It is mountable to a vertical surface with a thickness up to 37mm. It includes an 8mm Allen socket for adjusting and tightening to your preferred surface.

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Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount
$ 59.99 Excl. VAT $ 59.99
Asetek SimSports® Front Mount
$ 124.99 Excl. VAT $ 124.99
Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase Mount With Tilt
$ 74.99 Excl. VAT $ 74.99
Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps
$ 79.99 Excl. VAT $ 79.99
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