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Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount

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The Bottom Mount can be mounted directly onto your table or on your rig. You mount your Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive wheelbase by attaching the bottom mount to the underside of the wheelbase and then mount it to your rig in your preferred position.

The Bottom Mount must be mounted to a flat surface that supports the entire length of the mount.

The t-slots in the bottom of the wheelbase allows you to slide your wheelbase back and forth on the bracket.

This mounting solution maximizes leg space in your setup and clears the way for comfortable and fully immersive sim racing. 

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Dimensions: 460 x 120 x 5 mm 

Material: 5 mm laser cut steel 

Hole Pattern 

  • Wheelbase mount: 4-hole pattern (87 mm x 89 mm) 
  • Rig mount: 3-hole pattern, 4-hole pattern 



Download mounting schematics:

Bottom Mount Mounting Schematics


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