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AAU Racing

Asetek SimSports is proud to be an official partner and supplier of AAU Racing where we contribute to their work creating racecars.

Who is AAU Racing? 

AAU Racing is a student organization that consists of students from a variety of studies, collaborating to build a racecar for participation in Formula Student competition.
AAU Racing is entirely student-run, with the main goal of supporting students at Aalborg University by promoting knowledge sharing and enabling student to gain practical experience in their respective fields of study. The team comprises of students from diverse fields of study, including engineering, business, economics, and design. All these fields are essential for running a team when finances are limited and performance is crucial. Project management is also a crucial element due to the size of the project and team.

AAU Racing’s next project is the G10 car, marking the team’s venture into designing and producing their first electric car. This transition from combustion to electric presents a lot of new challenges, expanding the spectrum of tasks for the team and provide new learning opportunities.

The team’s primary funding comes from organizations and industry sponsors. Asetek is a key contributor in this regard, assisting AAU Racing with production, consultation, and financial support, specifically for competitions. Parts from Asetek Simsports quick release and pedal faces are also being utilized on the AAU Racing car.

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