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Sim Racing Lab

Sim Racing Lab

Sim Racing Lab is a project by people at Dansk Ingeniør Service A/S, known as DIS, in Denmark, with an interest in racing, simulator engineering, and technology.

“We race for the love of racing and the fabulous feeling of working together as a team. We love to do everything ourselves, and it is a rare instance, if ever, we deviate from this. Leading the first full championship season we entered, forced the team to become as professional as possible, whilst always remembering to have genuine fun along the way.”

Sim Racing Lab & Asetek

Star driver Andi Kurtsen said:

” This is a really cool partnership on multiple levels. Asetek SimSports is the most interesting and ambitious brand in gaming equipment. Being a Danish company with a keen eye on both user-friendliness, nice designs, real-world authenticity and excellence on the technological side, it really was a no-brainer for us to partner with them.”

Read more about the partnership on Sim Racing Lab’s website.


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