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Invicta™ Bundle

3.094,05  Excl. VAT 2.475,24 

Combine our top-of-line Invicta Sim Racing Pedals Brake and Throttle, Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm, and Forte® Formula Steering Wheel to get a sim racing setup that will serve you for years to come!

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  • Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals Brake & Throttle

    In stock

  • Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

    In stock

  • Forte® Formula Steering Wheel

    In stock

“Honestly the whole experience of upgrading to Asetek was a revolution for me I absolutely love the Invicta wheelbase, pedals and forte wheel, it has transformed my sim racing experience”

- Michael (April 8, 2024)

"I have owned an Asetek Invicta DD and Forte wheel for the last 10 months and I can say that I am happy I made the switch. From the quality, available features, and cost, to the customer relations witnessed I am pleased with the company and their products"

- Wesley (April 5, 2024)

"Invicta wheelbase - best. Period. Clearly the equipment is made to do exactly what it’s supposed to do and act real"

- Adam (April 6, 2024)



Experience full immersion with the groundbreaking Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals. Featuring a hydraulic brake system, these sim racing pedals truthfully replicate the sensation of braking in a real-life race car to help you perform like a pro racer in the simulator.

The Invicta Sim Racing Pedals are designed to provide an authentic racecar feel, combining durability and real-life racing. This elevates your sim racing experience beyond mere simulation because you genuinely feel the fluid compression in the hydraulic brake system with every push on the brake.

Unleash your full potential and become the champion of tomorrow.


Feel the track like never before with the 27Nm Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase. You’ll experience incredible resolution and supreme responsiveness, providing you with an unrivaled racing experience every time you take the wheel.

Every part of the wheelbase contributes to smooth, responsive, and precise feedback. Three essential aspects that undoubtedly will improve the immersion in your sim racing setup and help you become a better racer.

The Invicta Direct Wheelbase features a resolution of 0.000085 degrees, translating to approximately 4,000,000 steps in a single revolution of the wheel. This allows you to feel every nuance and trim those crucial milliseconds that make all the difference.


Inspired by real-life Formula cars, the Asetek SimSports® Forte® Formula Steering Wheel is crafted for ultimate performance.

Equipped with 128 individual input options, the Forte wheel allows you to customize and map all buttons, switches, encoders, and paddles to create the steering wheel that fits you the best.

To reinforce the overall anti-flex and create a proper interface for the removable handles, the chassis features a metal spider interface. This guarantees a rigid, non-flexing steering wheel that allows you to change handles over time, ensuring the wheel always suits your needs perfectly.


Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount
74,99  Excl. VAT 59,99 
Asetek SimSports® Front Mount
156,24  Excl. VAT 124,99 
Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase Mount With Tilt
93,74  Excl. VAT 74,99 
Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps
84,02  Excl. VAT 67,22 


RaceHub is our central software for calibrating and adjusting Asetek SimSports products to suit your exact needs. 

Tailoring your hardware settings is crucial for achieving consistency in every performance, and that’s why RaceHub comes with an extensive list of features to help you achieve your goals in the simulator. 

Effortlessly calibrate and adjust your throttle, brake, and clutch within seconds. All calibrations and adjustments are automatically saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), saving you time for future races. 


Asetek SimSports® Sim Racing Shoes
105,04  Excl. VAT 84,03 
Clutch Paddles
47,49  Excl. VAT 37,99 
Elastomer Kit
52,49  Excl. VAT 41,99 
Firm Throttle Spring
12,49  Excl. VAT 9,99 
Forte® Pedal Face Plates
62,49  Excl. VAT 49,99 
Forte® Pedal Face Plates
41,24  Excl. VAT 32,99 
Invicta™ Clutch System
312,49  Excl. VAT 249,99 
Invicta™ Long Travel Kit
19,99  Excl. VAT 15,99 
Invicta™ Pedal Face Plates
41,24  Excl. VAT 32,99 
Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter
162,49  Excl. VAT 129,99 
Invicta™ Throttle Footrest (L)
Original price was: 41,24 €.Current price is: 10,31 €. Excl. VAT 8,25 
Invicta™ Throttle Footrest (M)
Original price was: 41,24 €.Current price is: 10,31 €. Excl. VAT 8,25 
La Prima™ Clutch System
156,24  Excl. VAT 124,99 
Magnetic Input Paddles
47,49  Excl. VAT 37,99 
Orange buttons (Encoder + 7-way)
16,24  Excl. VAT 12,99 
Sim Racing Steering Wheel Wall Mount
16,24  Excl. VAT 12,99 
Universal Footrest
41,24  Excl. VAT 32,99 
Formula XL Handles
106,24  Excl. VAT 84,99 




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