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Invicta™ Bundle


Excl. VAT 2.344,99

Combine our Top-of-line Invicta™ hydraulic pedalset and 27Nm wheelbase and our newly released Forte® steering wheel to get a bundle that will serve you for years to come!

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  • Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals Brake & Throttle

    In stock

  • Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

    In stock

  • Forte® Formula Steering Wheel

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Review - Boosted Media

‘’This wheelbase did provide me with what I would describe as the best force feedback I’ve ever felt. […] This was able to provide me with a level of detail and smoothness that I haven’t felt before.’’ 


‘’What it comes down to for me, is that slew rate. The response time in the motor just really allows you to instantly feel whats going on with the car at a really granular level without it getting robotic or grainy.’’ 

– Will Ford, Boosted Media, review of the Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase