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Asetek SimSports® Front Mount


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The Front Mount is not only designed to look cool, but it also lets you to mount your Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive wheelbase by attaching the front of the wheelbase directly to the rig, offering you a quick, sturdy and straightforward mounting option. 

The two holes on each side of the front mount gives you an option to attach your on/off and torque off buttons for a sleek look on your sim rig. The Front Mount is specially designed for the Asetek SimSports® wheelbases and bolts directly into the aluminium housing of the wheelbase. The 8 mm thick laser cut steel mount is a no-compromises mounting solution.  

The mounting option on your rig also allows a high degree of tilt so you can adjust the angle of the wheelbase to your preferred driving position. Adjusting the tilt angle is straightforward with four screws; two on each side of your rig.  

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Additional Info

Dimensions: H: 168 mm x W: 135 mm x D: 535 – 660 mm (6.6 in x 5.3 in x 21.1 – 25.9 in)

Material: 8 mm (0.31 in) laser cut steel


Mounting Schematics