Boosted Media interview with Asetek CEO André Eriksen

How did Asetek first start in liquid cooling?

Where does the genuine love for motorsport come from?

What’s unique about the Invicta pedals, and what are the long-term ambitions within sim racing for Asetek SimSports?

Those are just some of the questions our CEO André Eriksen talked about in this interview with Will Ford from Boosted Media:

Through an online connection from Australia to Denmark, Will and André talked about everything that’s going on at the Asetek garage and how our first sim racing product, the Invicta pedals, takes inspiration from real-world racing.

Boosted Media explores all things tech, automotive, and sim racing. It has an enthusiastic community of more than 140.000 subscribers on YouTube.

Watch the interview to gain insights into all that’s coming for Asetek SimSports. Check out Boosted Media for great content about sim racing hardware and more.

Want to learn more about Asetek’s first steps into the sim racing market? Read about our upcoming product launch, the state-of-the-art Invicta Pedals here.

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