Find us at Jyllandsringen this weekend!

Enjoy the action at Jyllandsringen and test our gear 💥

Asetek SimSports was established with a genuine passion for real racing. This is why we actively participate in various motorsport events, connecting with all the tech- and motorsports enthusiasts.

This weekend, you can find us at the Danish racetrack Jyllandsringen, where BigMag (Jan Magnussen) and other top drivers from Denmark are fighting it out in the final race of the TCR Championship.

If you’ve ever dreamt of pursuing a career as a professional sim racer or a racing driver, this is the perfect opportunity. We’ve brought our sim-rigs and different wheelbases, allowing you to test your skills and see if your times match the drivers on track.

We are ready to guide you and answer all your questions. Everyone is allowed to try our simulators, so do not hesitate despite not being familiar with the world of sim racing. We’re dedicated to supporting the growth of the sim racing community, and we believe there should be space for drivers of all skill levels.

You are guaranteed a weekend filled with adrenaline, the scent of motor oil, and the thunderous roar of racing engines.

If the noise becomes too loud, feel free to come and get some earplugs from us 😎💪

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See you all at the events 👏

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