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P1 ESPORT and Asetek SimSports Join Forces to Conquer Sim Racing
2 May, 2024

P1 ESPORT and Asetek SimSports Join Forces to Conquer Sim Racing

Asetek and P1 ESPORT have entered into a strategic collaboration.

Together with Jacob Risgaard, Eigild Bødker Christensen, and Red Bull Racing Esports, P1 ESPORT aims to become the world’s leading hatchery for Danish and non-Danish sim racing talents. The new partnership between Asetek and P1 ESPORT will ensure Asetek’s development of a completely new portfolio of sim racing equipment.

The collaboration has already resulted in P1 ESPORT signing Andreas Jochimsen and Rafaele Rezzag, who are among the world’s best sim racers.

Asetek and P1 ESPORT are both headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, which will be the future capital in an ambitious plan to conquer the entire value chain of sim racing and racing simulators for esports.

“Sim racing is still in its humble beginnings, but has a huge potential, and our interest in this is of course to get our name and products out to as many people as possible. With P1 ESPORT, I think we have a great chance of succeeding with this,” says Asetek’s CEO André S. Eriksen

Training environments for talent development

Asetek, the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for gaming PCs, is expanding its existing business of liquid cooling for gaming PCs with a portfolio of sim racing equipment. With a collaboration with Red Bull Racing Esports and a major investment from Jacob Risgaard and Eigild Bødker Christensen, P1 ESPORT offers state-of-the-art sim racing equipment.

This gives the members of the P1 ESPORT SIM RACING CLUB access to race on identical versions of the world’s racetracks where they can virtually compete with other e-motorsport racers around the world. At the same time, P1 ESPORT has established a training environment that will eventually develop into several clubs across Denmark where both amateurs, talents, and professional racers can train together.

“The fact that we have been able to attract Andreas Jochimsen and Rafaele Rezzag as drivers on our Pro team is a very good illustration of how important the equipment is,” says Kasper Heibøll, co-founder of P1 ESPORT. “We are the only ones in the world to offer Asetek’s equipment and upcoming prototypes. This gives our drivers a better chance of winning races, while at the same time helping Asetek with the development of their equipment.”

The partnership between Asetek and P1 ESPORT gives members the opportunity to train on Asetek’s new equipment, which will eventually include pedals, steering wheels, cockpits, and more – every part you need for a racing simulator.

The business of the collaboration

The equipment is part of Asetek’s ambition to reach a turnover of EUR 100 million – and this is just in the market of sim racing equipment. The market today is fragmented and characterized by just a few quality manufacturers, but Asetek’s goal is to become a one-stop-shop for the world’s best equipment for all racing simulator needs.

“Our liquid coolers are already placed in more than eight million PCs around the world, and we also want to be the world’s largest in the field of sim sports. This is why the collaboration with P1 Esport is extremely interesting for us; we get a familiar test arena for all our equipment, and we get to sponsor a professional team that has the skills to make it on the big stage” says Dennis Vesterbæk Hampe, Technology Evangelist at Asetek SimSports.

Because even though sim racing is a virtual discipline, it has to feel exactly like you are sitting in a real race car, and the equipment is very important.

Jacob Risgaard, who has just invested in P1 ESPORT together with co-investor Eigild Bødker Christensen, also considers the growing market for sim sports extremely interesting:

“The major car manufacturers that also participate in Formula 1 are currently investing heavily in sim racing. This is great news for the many Danish talents, who now have the opportunity to train with the best racers in the world.”

“The collaboration between Asetek and P1 ESPORT significantly strengthens Denmark’s current unique position in the sport, and I am convinced that both parties can benefit from each other in their continued development”, Jacob Risgaard concludes.

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