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RaceHub™ Adjustments

Updated on March 4, 2024

All Asetek SimSports® products come with an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use piece of software that we have developed from the ground up. It is called RaceHub® and will take care of your every need. RaceHub® unlocks things you would not dare to dream and is continuously updated.

RaceHub Download
RaceHub is available for download right here.

RaceHub Installation
After completing the download from our website, double-click the downloaded file to initiate the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions and install them in your desired directory.

Once installed, open RaceHub using the shortcut on your desktop or in your programs folder.

Please be aware that edges on the rod clevis can be sharp.

RaceHub® Updating
RaceHub will automatically notify you if there are available updates.

If you want to double-check, please go to and download the newest version.

RaceHub has a built-in feature that allows you to update the firmware on your devices automatically.

Asetek SimSports RaceHub allows you to make a plethora of adjustments to your Asetek SimSports products. On the Invicta® pedals, it will allow you to adjust pedal maps, calibrate your pedals, adjust the RGB lighting, and much more.

Everything is available in a highly user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy customization that not only gives you complete control but does it in a manner where you are
constantly in focus – teaching you everything you need to know to become a power user and expert sim racer.

The settings that you choose in RaceHub will be applied to all the supported games ensuring maximum performance and precision!

Pedal Calibration
To ensure your pedals are as precise as they can be, you should run the pedal calibration wizard in RaceHub®. It is a quick and straightforward process that takes you through a series of activations that calibrate your pedals.

1. Navigate to the pane in RaceHub called Calibration
2. Push the calibrate button

3. Follow the on screen instructions

4. Done! Your calibration will carry over into all the supported games.

Once your pedals are calibrated, only a few unique scenarios will cause a need for recalibration:

a. If so desired, you have adjusted mechanical stop of your clutch pedal.
b. If so desired, you have adjusted the static angle of your clutch.
c. If so desired, you have moved the pivot bracket

Deadzone Adjustments
In RaceHub, you will be able to set both top and bottom deadzones on all your pedals.

A bottom deadzone allows you to slightly activate your pedal without engaging the clutch. For example, if you rest your foot on the pedal. A top deadzone allows you to modify the point of full activation.

In the case of a clutch pedal, this would allow you to reach 100% clutch before your clutch pedal reaches full activation and the mechanical pedal stop. This preference is
individual and generally done by a race engineer before the car goes on track. RaceHub® allows you to fully customize it and we strongly encourage you to do it as well.

The top and bottom deadzones can be adjusted using these sliders marked here:


We suggest the following settings for deadzone when using the Asetek SimSports Invicta pedals, which is how it is calibrated from our factory.

– Top: 2%
– Bottom: 2%

Custom Pedal Mapping
One of the great features of RaceHub™ is the ability to map the curves of your pedals precisely to your liking. In most racing simulator pedals, you will find a 1:1 relation between the amount pressed on the pedal and the response in-game.

This is not how things work in real racing – so why should it be this way in your sim rig? The answer is, it should not, and our pedal maps help
you avoid just that.

We have made a few preset curves that mimic typical scenarios, but RaceHub™ also allows complete customization of your pedal curves.

Click, drag and drop – it is that simple!

Similarly, you can adjust your curves based on your driving conditions—all in search of ultimate performance.

Please note that RaceHub custom pedal maps work best when they are used exclusively and without the use of potential in-game settings. If your preferred simulator game offers a pedal mapping feature, we highly suggest you leave it as linear and instead use the functionality in RaceHub.

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