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Mounting Tutorial : Front Mount For Podium Brackets

Updated on June 6, 2024

In the video below, we demonstrate how to mount the Asetek SimSports Front Mount For Podium Brackets on a sim racing rig. This rig is just used as an example, and your rig may vary.

These are the tools and parts you need to install the Asetek SimSports Front Mount for Podium Brackets

  • 4 mm Allen key
  • 5 mm Allen key
  • 4 x M6x20 Socket Cap Screws
  • 4 x M5x20 Socket Cap Screws
  • 4 x M8x16 Bottom Head Screws
  1. Remove the four M6 bolt from the front cover of the wheelbase
  2. Take off the front cover

  3. Place the Front Mount for Podium Brackets over the QR and line it up with the mounting holes
    (Note: Make sure the mount is orientated correctly. The Grills on the wheelbase should match the grills on the mount.)

  4. Insert the four M5x20 bolts into the corresponding holes

  5. Tighten the four bolts firmly

  6. Put the front cover back on the wheelbase

  7. Insert the four M6x20 bolts included with the mount instead of the four M6 bolts that were removed previously
    (Note: DO NOT tighten too firmly, as this can make the front cover break.)

DO NOT ADJUST THE QR! This might damage the QR, wheelbase or both.

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