Racing Prodigy

Racing Prodigy is a sports, entertainment, and media property whose mission is to open motorsports to all – both in and out of the race car – by overcoming some of the major barriers to entry. To accomplish that goal, they have created the Prodigy Racing League (PRL™), the world’s first e2Real™ sports league. The racing league has been built to make motorsports more accessible using esports as the pathway to racing cars on real tracks. This greatly reduces the financial barriers to pursuing a career in motorsports, leveling the playing field and enabling millions to pursue their dream.

Asetek sim racing gear will be included as prizes for tournament winners and some participants. In addition, Asetek SimSports® products will be featured on sim rigs at Racing Prodigy’s Prodigy Week™ – a real-world academy, the first of which is to be held in November at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

To learn more about Racing Prodigy’s esports tournaments in the PRL and how to earn your way to Prodigy Week, visit or connect with us on our socials.