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Invicta™ – Pedal Face Plate Adjustments

Attention! Do not use power drills, as this may damage the screws.

Invicta™ pedal face plates can be adjusted along the X and Y-axis.
It will allow the pedals to accommodate a variety of different
shoe sizes and increase performance and comfort for anyone
using the pedals.
To adjust the position, follow these easy steps:
1. Remove the screws with an allen key from the pedal
face plates
2. Align the pedal arms’ holes with the pedal face plates’
desired holes.
3. Insert and fasten the screws with an allen key.
Note: The screws can bite hard, so be careful not to overtighten
or have the tool slip. Recommended torque: 2nm

Attention: Only use the holes marked green for mounting.


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