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Update Pedal Firmware

Updated on March 25, 2024

To fix the “Failed to detect device in update mode…” error for pedals, please follow the steps described in this document.

You must have installed the latest version of RaceHub™, to ensure the latest drivers are installed.

The issue stems from a clash between Asetek’s drivers and other third-party drivers. From what we’ve seen, the offending driver is usually a Guillemot DFU driver. This driver will have to be removed for RaceHub™ to update your pedals. The Guillemot driver may be needed for users with Thrustmaster equipment, so you may have to re-install the driver afterwards by re-installing the appropriate Thrustmaster device drivers. If this guide is successful for you, your pedals will no longer be affected by the Guillemot driver, so there should be no issues with updating afterwards, if you re-install the Guillemot driver.

  1. Check that your pedals, in update mode, show up as the Guillemot device, or other device.
    1. Disconnect your pedals from the PC, and close RaceHub™ if it is running.
    2. Press and hold the throttle, while reconnecting the pedals. This will force them to go into update mode. This only lasts 15 seconds unless you keep holding down the throttle.
    3. Open Device Manager. You can do this by writing Device Manager in your search bar at the bottom or in the Start Menu.
    4. At the top menu of the Device Manager click View followed by Devices by container.
    5. Find the “Invicta Pedals” or “Invicta Pedals – DFU” or “Pedals – DFU’ device and click the arrow on the left side of it to open it. The name varies depending on the software version in the pedals.
    6. Check that there is only one device inside the Invicta Pedals device. If there is more than one device, then this guide may not to work.
    7. If the device inside the Invicta Device is not named “Invicta Pedals” or “Invicta Pedals – DFU” or a name that is related to Asetek, then you will have to uninstall the conflicting driver. The above example uses the Guillemot driver which is the driver this guide focuses on removing. Other drivers may have similar procedure, but we cannot guarantee it. Be very careful with removing unknown drivers!
  2. Remove the Guillemot Driver
    1. Delete the following folders (requires admin privileges):
      1. C:\Program Files\Guillemot
      2. C:\Program Files(x86)\Guillemot
    2. Right click the Guillemot STM DFU Device inside the Invicta pedals device.
      1. Click Uninstall device.
      2. Enable the checkbox Delete the driver software for this device.
      3. Click Uninstall.
  1. Wait for the pedals to restart into update mode, and until the device manager window has updated
  2. The pedal device should now look like this, with it’s respective name:
  3. If not, please reinstall RaceHub as this will reinstall the Asetek driver.
  1. Update your pedals.
    1. If the above steps were successful, you should now be able to update your pedals with RaceHub™. Release the throttle and let the pedals start up normally, by waiting for them to reset, or reconnecting them to your PC.
    2. Open RaceHub and go to the pedals menu.
    3. Click the i icon on the right side of the menu to open the i-menu and click the update button. RaceHub™ will now update your bootloader to one that uses a newer driver that does not conflict with others. It is VERY important that the pedals are not disconnected while this takes place. RaceHub™ will inform you of its progress during the process. When the bootloader is updated, the latest pedal update will be installed.


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