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Update Wheelbase Firmware

Updated on March 25, 2024

Manual Update of Wheelbase

This guide will help you manually update your steering wheel, in case the automatic update notification does not show up in RaceHub™.


You must have installed the latest version of RaceHub™, to ensure the latest drivers are installed.

1. Turn of the wheelbase.
2. Make sure the USB cable is connected to the PC.
3. Open RaceHub™, if not already running.
4. Click and hold down the power button until the power button starts blinking (if you have a torque off button, it will start blinking as well).
5. A dialog will pop up in RaceHub™ informing you that a wheelbase has been detected in update mode.
6. Press “Update Wheelbase”.
7. Wait for the update to finish.

The wheelbase now has the latest firmware version, and the automatic update notification should now work for future updates.

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