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Data centers around the globe are being mandated to simultaneously increase energy efficiency, consolidate operations and reduce  costs. Each year, data centers consume approximately two percent of global power consumption. 


Because liquid is 4,000 times better at storing and transferring heat than air, Asetek's solutions provide immediate and measurable benefits to large and small data centers alike.

Data center cooler

RackCDU D2C™ Liquid Cooling

  • Reduced data center OpEx and CapEx
  • Immediate to 1 year payback typical
  • Captures 60% to 80% of server heat

White Papers

Warm Water Cooling at the Forefront of an HPC Industry Trend

By Steve Conway, Earl C. Joseph, Ph.D., and Chirag Dekate, Ph.D.


Direct Liquid Cooling for Electronic Equipment

By Henry Coles and Steve Greenberg Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Data Center Installations

Cooling a Department of Defense Data Center

Recycling Waste Heat at UiT in Norway

Invest in Supercomputers, Not Chillers at MSU

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Data center cooler

RackCDU ISAC™ (In-Server Air Conditioning)

  • Captures nearly 100% of server heat.
  • Sealed server airflow mitigates air quality concerns.
  • No air is exchanged between servers and the data center.

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Data center cooler

Internal Loop™ Liquid Cooling

  • Enables maximum wattage CPUs and GPUs.
  • No changes required to data center infrastructure.
  • Lower fan speeds, saving power and reducing noise.


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