Asetek's Sustainability Commitment


It is a primary objective for the board of directors of Asetek to ensure the longtime sustainability of the company. For years Asetek has had policies related to corporate citizenship in place, and adherence to the policies has been an integral part of becoming a valued Asetek employee.

In recent years, however, we have realized a need to develop a concrete sustainability strategy and a fully cohesive framework in line with the general requirements of today.

Thus, on this page you will find our Sustainability Report. You can also get an overview of the individual initiatives in the tiles below, as well as read about our ethical guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Asetek's sustainability commitments

Our Sustainability Commitment and Strategy

Asetek’s Strategic Sustainability Framework outlines our general commitment to sustainable development and how it is supported by a number of strategic focus areas and overall ambitions for addressing our material topics.

Asetek's commitment to UN SDGs

Asetek is commited to sustainable development, and we are proud to have made a special commitment to three of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Asetek Helps Make Data Centres Carbon-Neutral

Data centres - small, medium and hyperscale - are shooting up all over the world and being crammed with tens of thousands of servers that all need cooling.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Asetek played a key role in helping Alienware attain a successful fundraiser for St. Jude Play Live.

Responsible Product Design

It is our goal to minimize the environmental and climate impact of our products, and we are walking the talk by taking certain steps towards responsible product design to support sustainable development.

Our Way to New Sustainable Standards

Asetek is increasingly concerned with findig carbon neutral solutions when selecting materials for the products we make and are continuing to develop.

Partnering up With Hi-Tech Social Education Project

Under the slogan 'Moving People through eSport', we have supported Exzentriq in their creation of a welcoming, ground-breaking eSport center in Aalborg, Denmark.

Responsible Operations

We are commited to reducing our environmental and climate impacts by promotin and supporting environmentally sustainable technologies and practicies in our operations.

Promoting Human Potential and Diversity

We want to offer a healthy, safe and developing working environment for all employees, customers and external partners in Asetek.


Asetek’s Ethical Guidelines

At Asetek, we strongly believe in maintaining a business environment that inspires trust and mutual respect by adhering to common ethical guidelines. We have retained an external service to assist us in achieving these goals. Please visit the third party managed service by following these links:

Whistleblower Hotline on

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

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