Liquid Cooling Innovation Leader

Keeping the latest graphics cards and CPUs cool is the name of the game to sustain long and intense marathon gaming sessions. That’s where Asetek liquid cooling comes in. We invented the “closed loop” all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler specifically to solve complex thermal challenges and enable greater overclocking potential.

Alternatively, “custom loop” liquid cooling is far more complex as the loop must be drained and cleaned regularly to prevent algae buildup. The cleaning process and added maintenance can lead to leaks and spillage on your vital system components. Our AIO coolers include hassle-free installation and a fire-and-forget operation that requires ZERO maintenance.

Advanced Overclocking

Gaming enthusiasts know liquid is superior to air for cooling hot, overclocked CPUs & GPUs. It tips the scales in their favor for an unfair advantage that is fiendishly enjoyable.

Deadly Silent

The fans on a traditional air cooler can produce considerable noise that distracts and can shatter a player’s immersion while gaming. Liquid cooling provides lower fan noise at every performance level, minimizing distractions to keep you focused on the game.

Extra Lives

Liquid cooling blows CPU & GPU heat directly out of the chassis keeping internal temperatures lower and extending the life of your system.


Gaming/DIY Technology

Today, we continue to innovate to provide advanced performance, reliability, and quality so that users can deeply immerse themselves in their favorite games.

  • CPU Cooling

High performance, extra cooling capacity, and our industry-recognized quality and reliability – our CPU cooling technology provides the cooling you need even for highly overclocked CPUs. Check out our latest innovations.  Read more

  • GPU Cooling

Our legacy GPU cooling technology was designed for improved acoustic and greater overclocking potential over stock air cooling solutions. Read more

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