Asetek liquid coolers deliver high-performance thermal control for CPUs for sustained system operation and deep overclocking potential.


Our low-profile solution minimizes height and weight on CPU sockets, and previously GPU slots, to allow better airflow around passively cooled components. This lowers the risk of damage during transport, which is appealing for LAN goers and eSports pros.

The lower profile improves cooling in constrained spaces, such as small form factor PC cases and servers.

Pump and coldplate integration limit the number of connections for a reduction in potential points of failure and improved reliability.

Additionally, the low-profile pump delivers higher liquid flow for maximum performance. The liquid is rated for a 50,000 hour lifespan and you will never have to worry about refilling with our closed-loop system.

Our pumps are unique with liquid temperature readouts right on the pump cap, for at-a-glance awareness and fine-tuning. Component noise can increase as CPU and GPU load intensifies. Take control of your system acoustics with Liquid Temperature Fan Control for a quieter computing experience. Housed under the pump’s cap, Liquid Temperature Fan Control provides increased cooling when you need it, and a quiet system when you don’t.

Cold Plates

Our team of engineers has spent years researching and testing cold plate designs for our integrated pump and cold plate assembly. With performance, design and cost in mind, we have the experience and know-how to determine the right specifications of the cold plate to meet our customer’s requirements.


Our years of expertise helps us to determine the best cold plate design to effectively cool specific heat characteristics of today’s CPUs, and we’re continuously innovating. By understanding the road maps of AMD, Intel and NVIDIA we can focus engineering efforts on creating the best cooling solutions for each generation of CPUs, and prior GPUs.


Providing our customers with the best, most cost-effective solutions is part of our DNA. As we innovate, we seek out key ways to drive performance. In doing so, we define new approaches, many of which allow us to pass cost savings along to our customers.

Asetek’s multichannel cold plate allowed us to do just that. Its performance was so substantial that we can offer our customers a lower cost aluminum cold plate that performs better than the previous copper pin fin design. Aluminum cold plates enable lower cost liquid coolers while maintaining impressive performance.


After listening to community feedback, we conducted a comprehensive engineering project to develop our current rubber material, which gives the same durability and longevity of plastic tubing with ultra-low permeability.

Our innovations in rubber tubing materials mean that our customers enjoy easy tube management and tube routing during installation thanks to our use of highly durable materials.

Whether you are building a Home Theater PC with limited chassis space or LAN Party Gaming PC, you’ll find the new tubes will make installation a breeze.

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