645LT 92mm SFF AIO Liquid Cooler

The Asetek 645LT AIO CPU liquid cooler is ideal for small form factor cases. The CPU cooler was purpose-built to fit in the tiniest of spaces, including the A4-SFX from Dan Cases while maintaining performance.

92mm AIO bolsters small scale PC performance

Based on community feedback, Asetek innovated the 645LT AIO to show fan appreciation, providing a formidable 92mm Hex, “Dan Case- certified” AIO CPU liquid cooler.

The 645LT combines the high-performance capabilities of Asetek’s latest generation (Gen6) of pump technology — the same pump used to cool some of the world’s fastest supercomputers — with other advances including unique 90° bends where our tubes meet the radiator for space savings and increased tube lengths for ease in mounting.

Designed specifically for SFF systems:

  • Dan Case-certified
  • 92mm Radiator
  • Gen6 Pump Technology, 2800 RPM Pump Speed
  • Tubes: 90-degree connectors, 250mm tube length
  • Fan Support: 1 x 92mm (approved for 14mm thickness)
  • Rated Current: 180mA
  • Rated Power: 2.16W
  • CPU Socket Support:
    • Intel: LGA 115x,1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
    • AMD: AM4
  • Fluid volume: 86ml
  • Rad dimensions: 117 x 97 x 35mm
  • Flexible tube length: 230mm
  • Full datasheet here

Check out the blog on the lengths we went to develop and design the 645LT AIO to support the unique hurdles SFF builders face.

Internal Open-Air 24.5C Environmental Results

  • Cinebench r20: 63C (delta T: 38,5C)
  • 3D Mark: Time Spy: 63C (delta T: 38,5C)
  • Prime95 (small ffts) 1hr: 73C (delta T: 48,5C)

645LT Manual and Warranty

The 645LT manual and warranty information can be accessed here.

Asetek 645LT Awards & Reviews

Performance Computer - 5 / 5

“The Asetek 645LT is a fantastic liquid cooling unit and delivers powerful cooling performance in an incredibly tiny package. Leave it to Asetek to make the perfect SFF liquid cooling solution, the 645LT works extremely well in tiny cases such as the Dan Case A4-SFX where space is at an absolute premium and it’s incredibly difficult to effective cool high TDP processors such as the Intel Core i7-8700K and Intel Core i9-9900K.”

“We highly recommend this unit; we’ve tested it for over a month with no problems whatsoever. Asetek is a proven company that builds solid, well-made products and the 645LT is no exception!”

Read more over at Performance Computer.

Glob3Tech; "Still The One!" - 5 / 5

“Asetek has given us a great example of a product when a company listens to its customers to make the necessary upgrades to one of their items”

“To conclude this is the cooler to get if you want to enjoy a hungry multi-core CPU or overclock the one you have in a small form factor case that only accepts a 92 mm AIO.”

“Also the comparisons with the L9a which also uses the same fan, shows exactly how much better the AIO Asetek 645LT really is. For instance in the Intel Burn Test the L9a couldn’t keep it under 90 degrees C – not even being able to pass one round in the torture test and I had to cancel in order not to risk overheating too much.”

Read more over at Glob3Tech.

HardwareLuxx - Technical Award

“…the advantages of the 645LT are already noticeable. The small AiO cooling with its short hoses, the flat radiator pump unit and the small radiator fits perfectly into compact housings”

“The assembly was uncomplicated in the test system.”

“Asetek fills a niche with the 645LT: The extremely compact AiO cooling can also be accommodated in particularly small SFF housings (with 92 mm radiator space).”

*Note this has been translated from German.

Read more over at HardwareLuxx.

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