Built-in Quality

Csaba Vesei is responsible for global operations at Asetek. He lives and breaths quality control systems to bring you products you and we are proud of for years to come. Here he talks about the importance of built in quality – by investing in skilled labor, and innovative equipment and processes.

1. We invest in quality and reliability

We invest extensively in automation on the production line – even down to robot delivery of items to stations. Automated sub-assembly stations limit the potential of human error and ensure consistently high-quality products. This means greater quality assurance and control – something we believe, and our customers tell us, we excel at.

We also invest in skilled labor and innovate equipment and processes for production line testing. I’ve included some of the tests in our unique manufacturing system below.  

Once assembled, but before liquid is filled into our loops, all systems are filled with Helium and checked for escaping gas. This means that our systems are virtually leak free.

While leak tests can be performed in a number of ways, Helium has the benefit of being a noble gas that doesn’t react with or deteriorate the materials in our systems. In addition, the tiny Helium molecules can escape through even the smallest of irregularities. If the Helium molecules cannot escape, neither can much larger water molecules.

We use a vacuum based fill system to remove air from the cooling loops then coolant is allowed to rush in.

A certain volume of air must remain in the system in order to allow for temperature contingent expansion and retraction due to thermal impact from ambient changes, especially during transportation when temperatures can vary from below 40°C/40F and 85°C/185F.

This process allows for 100% precision as to the amount of air and coolant within the sealed system and therefore optimal performance of our finished coolers.

Our products go through thermic tests with two goals in mind – ensuring lifetime and reliability and ensuring optimal performance when in use.

Our coolers are tested within a climate chamber to ensure lifetime and reliability. Climate chambers bring products to extreme temperatures repeatedly.

We test all parts of our coolers – materials, coolant, pumps and electronics under extreme low temperatures to ensure optimal reliability. We also run thermic shock tests, despite not expecting our products to experience thermic shocks through a normal product lifetime.

Our liquid coolers are all 100% performance tested before they leave the factory. All performance parameters such as energy consumption, noise/acoustic levels, thermal performance, and pump speed and efficiency are tested on all coolers leaving our production lines.

Performance testing however doesn’t start with the final product but is an integral part of the design and development process of each new product. Every product goes through several iterations where all materials, elements and parts are verified to live up to the expectations and demands of our partners and customers. In additional, we employ a number of ongoing reliability tests continuously used to monitor, inspect and ensure consistent superior quality levels.

Once the product is finished and ready to leave our factory, we are confident that both its parts and the complete product performs as expected.

Designed, Manufactured and Tested for Quality and Reliability

We strive to provide the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Asetek liquid coolers, delivering power savings and enabling greater performance with quiet cooling.

Learn More About Asetek Quality and Reliability

We aim to provide the gold standard for AIO liquid cooling solutions. We are renowned for premium liquid cooling solutions and are passionate about ensuring quality and reliability as at the core of everything we do.

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