Asetek Heritage Technology & Legacy Products

The VapoChill

Asetek’s very first product was the VapoChill, and it was designed by Founder and CEO Andre Eriksen back in 1999 before the company had even incorporated!

The WaterChill

As the name suggests, WaterChill was Asetek’s first foray into a water-based liquid cooler. The success and evolution of the VapoChill was a stepping stone for the engineering team to design a 100% reliable cooler.

The 550 series

The modern era of liquid coolers started with the Asetek 500-series. The 550LC, 570LC and 590LC first started going into OEM partner desktops in 2009, and even today people are successfully and happily using the 500 series coolers.

690LX-PN CPU Cooler

Our 690LX-PN CPU Cooler featured extreme performance to enable overclocking up to 500 watts (W) and to provide stable operation.

645LT SFF CPU Cooler

Ideal for small form factor cases, our 92mm 645LT AIO CPU Cooler was purpose-built to fit in the tiniest of spaces while maintaining performance.

Advanced GPU Cooling

Our AIO GPU Coolers provide overclocking enabling long and exhilarating gaming sessions at peak performance. We work closely with OEM Partners to provide AIOs that improve the performance of your GPU and can boost the performance of your PC.

Data Center Cooling solution

Asetek has provided flexible and reliable data center liquid cooling solutions for a diverse range of systems around the world.


lnRackCDU is a warm water CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit) system capable of removing up to 80kW of heat from the rack. The system was designed to be installed in liquid cooled data centers.

D2C Ingredient Coolers

Direct to Chip liquid cooling provided a distributed cooling architecture to address the full range of heat rejection scenarios in air- and liquid-cooled data centers.


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