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At Asetek we aspire to operate, produce, and innovate in a responsible manner. This calls for an extensive understanding of our products, our processes, and their impacts on our surroundings. We aim to continue being a purpose-driven and responsible corporate citizen, taking into account the ability for both current and future generations to be able to sustainably fulfill their needs.

Together we strive to continue reaching our ambition of supplying high-tech liquid cooling solutions and immersive SimSports equipment, enabling enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy best-in-class gear with a clear conscience.

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As a leader in the realm of high-end liquid cooling and SimSports solutions, Asetek strives to stay ahead of the game. In performance, functionality, and responsibility alike. We believe in the power of sustainable development through responsible innovation, benefiting not only our customers but our common environment and the societies in which we operate. It is Aseteks ambition to minimize the environmental and climate impact of our products by developing ever more efficient solutions for both commercial and private end users of liquid cooling and the emerging field of immersive SimSports equipment.

To incorporate additional sustainability aspects into our products, we are on a mission to better understand our product life cycles, our material use and how we can integrate circular product design practices into our processes. We view the mitigation of any actual or potential adverse impacts to our planet, people and the environment caused by the production and use of our products as being amongst our most important tasks. We aim to establish a comprehensive overview of our supplier-related scope 3 emissions in 2023, to begin the journey of reducing our climate footprint even further.


Since the launch of our sustainability strategy in 2020, we have been conducting comprehensive ongoing analysis of our material and resource use, to assess opportunities for optimizing product designs and production processes in terms of sustainability impacts. Not only do we intend to stay ahead of competitors when it comes to performance and functionality – but we intend to do so while constantly challenging the status quo in our field of business regarding long-term sustainability.

In 2022 we succeeded in developing and implementing a new design for the cooling plate used in our liquid cooling solutions, thus reducing the amount of copper needed by 5-10%. We cooperate with external partners to continuously assess the compliance of our products with regional and international frameworks. Furthermore, we aim to go above and beyond legal requirements, which is why we at Asetek have decided to reduce, phase out our outright ban the use of certain substances potentially incurring risks for people and the planet in our products, wherever feasible. In 2021 and 2022 we have fully compensated for our emissions in scopes 1 and 2 using certified carbon credits from a leading provider.


It is our ambition to seek an ever-better understanding of the actual or potential adverse impacts of our line of products throughout their life cycle. For 2022, a year characterized by challenges for us as a company, it was our ambition to scale up our product life-cycle assessment (LCA). Although we didn’t come as far with this extensive task as was planned for, we’ve now reached a critical level of information regarding material and resource use in our products. In 2023 we aim to employ this knowledge in implementing the measures needed for performing LCAs as part of the way we operate. Even though we’ve already come far by drastically reducing the power consumed by our liquid cooling solutions, we believe that the potential implications of the technologies we develop are much greater.

We stop at nothing to further optimize the efficiency with which optimal temperatures in both commercial and consumer processing equipment is maintained. As it stands, the numerous power-hungry data centers servicing society’s need for data generate vast amounts of untapped surplus energy. We see liquid cooling solutions as being part of a future resolve to this wasteful practice, enabling the use of hot water generated by the process of cooling e.g., in district heating.

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