Designing for Quality and Reliability

Thomas Ditlev leads global research and development at Asetek and is serious about designing in quality and reliability. Here he talks about Asetek’s quality controls throughout the new product development process.

1. Premium quality design - through and through

Building from our Scandinavian heritage, which is recognized for premium quality design, we incorporate Six Theta quality controls throughout our new product development and new product introduction process.  While the Six Sigma methodology strives to reduce variance by optimizing production technologies and processes, Six Theta reduces the sensitivity to variance of a given engineering design, thus easing production demands.

From concept to design, tooling, pilot, ramp up and monitoring, our product development process is controlled for quality and reliability.  That means gate reviews at each critical step, and product committee reviews of reviews at each gate. In addition, all new technology innovations are matured outside of product development – we only use proven technology with our products.

Whether product development includes system engineering, motor, hardware, software, mechanical, thermal elements or others, we’re focused on designing in quality and reliability, and ensuring production, sourcing and quality processes all along the way. To do so efficiently, we employ concurrent engineering to save time while mitigating risk.

At Asetek we work closely with our partners and end customers to ensure continuous development and performance enhancement of our products. We believe in partnerships and in having a strong learning from reclamations, new market requirements, technological innovations in product methods and parts.

For more than 20 years, our premier thermal solutions have been cooling processors around the globe. Our AIO liquid coolers can be found in high-end gaming, official eSports tournament machines, workstations and data centers.

Today, we are focused on new ways to solve complex thermal challenges, researching new pump designs, new fluid types, new radiator technologies and topologies, and much more. Asetek is innovating to improve high-performance systems. And, innovating with our OEM partners, Gamers and Enthusiasts and data center operators in mind.

Designed, Manufactured and Tested for Quality and Reliability

We strive to provide the quality and reliability that has become synonymous with Asetek liquid coolers, delivering power savings and enabling greater performance with quiet cooling.

Learn More About Asetek Quality and Reliability

We aim to provide the gold standard for AIO liquid cooling solutions. We are renowned for premium liquid cooling solutions and are passionate about ensuring quality and reliability as at the core of everything we do.

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