Premier Liquid Cooling Solutions

For more than 20 years, premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe.

Liquid Cooling Leadership

With more than 7 million coolers shipped worldwide, our AIO coolers can be found in the latest high-end gaming PC’s and official eSports tournament machines. They are also sought-after by enthusiasts for their reliable operation, ease-of-use and pervasive cooling.

Our AIOs are used in some of the fastest computers in the world to enable advances that drive our everyday lives. Moreover, our energy saving technology enables green data centers. Most of Asetek’s current data center end-customers use water cooling to save energy on cooling. In addition, it enables the potential for carbon-neutral heat recovery in hyperscale data centers.

Leading Innovation

Asetek invented the sealed loop liquid cooler and we continue to innovate today. We pride ourselves on providing premium liquid cooling solutions to solve thermal challenges for Gamers, Enthusiasts and Data Center operators. We’re committed to delivering greater performance with quiet cooling – all while continuing to provide the quality and reliability we’re known for.

Our commitment to innovate has brought advances in performance and increased density for data centers — from high performance computing that secures entire countries, to artificial intelligence that is spawning an explosion of new applications for data center users. In addition, our energy saving technology enables data centers to significantly cut energy consumption and even supply district heating networks. We’re innovating to increase density for maximum compute throughput in data centers, and to enable data centers to reduce their carbon footprints.

We are focused on new ways of solving complex thermal challenges, researching new pump designs, new coldplate designs, new fluid types, new radiator technologies and topologies, and much more. We’re innovating with our OEM partners, Gamers and Enthusiasts in mind. We innovate so that users can get the maximum performance from their systems.

History of Innovation

For more than 20 years, premier thermal solutions from Asetek have been cooling processors around the globe.

Asetek is proud of its history yet recognizes that the story could have been even better.

Asetek is returning to its roots, re-embracing the innovative mindset that produced extreme performance productsthat excite and inspire. Read more

Our Technology

Providing Extreme Performance, Reliability and Quality

We ‘re committed to delivering greater performance while lowering acoustic noise and improving energy efficiency.

For Gamers and Enthusiasts, our latest generation of liquid cooling technology is providing greater CPU and GPU overclocking performance with quiet operation.

Hardcore gamers know they can count on us. Our AIO liquid cooling products allow players to game longer with sustained thermal control on the most vital components. We’re gamers too who love to squeeze every bit of performance from our systems

Enthusiasts count on us for top-shelf performance – a must when building that monster rig.

Learn about our Gaming/DIY technology. Read more

For Data Center Operators, our technology is delivering up to 80kW of cooling capacity per rack to enable deployment of high performance processors in clusters with high interconnect densities.

Read about our extreme performance and high density solutions. Learn more

Industry Leading Partners

We provide cooling technology for many of the most popular OEMs in Gaming, DIY high-performance PCs, enterprise and super computing. We select our OEM partners with care, ensuring they too are committed to providing the industry’s highest performing solutions.

OEM Partners

Gaming PC Partners

Premium computer hardware companies like Alienware, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, MSI and others offer Asetek-based liquid cooling solutions for assembly into PC gaming consoles, high performance PCs and workstations.

Build Your Own (DIY) Gaming Partners

Leading computer peripheral and hardware companies like Phanteks, ASUS, NZXT, Fractal Design, EVGA and others offer AIO CPU and/or GPU liquid coolers that incorporate Asetek technology. These AIOs provide targeted cooling and enable extreme performance with very low noise.

Data Center Solutions Partners

Companies like HPE, Intel, Fujitsu, QCT, Supermicro, Gigabyte, Penguin Computing and many more install Asetek-based liquid cooling solutions in their servers that are enabling AI and HPC across the globe – including some of the world’s fastest supercomputers.


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