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With the capacity to work in the intersection of mechanics, electronics, and computing, Asetek is able to drive innovation at the highest level. Today, Asetek is a global leader in liquid cooling solutions for computer hardware enthusiasts, gamers, servers, and data centers, and a pioneer within high-end SimSports Gaming products for next-level immersive gaming experiences.

At the very core of Asetek’s business are the performance advantages held by liquid cooling. Water conducts heat with much greater efficiency than the industry standard air cooling, enabling a significant reduction in power consumption by delivering superior cooling per consumed wattage.

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“with great power, comes great responsibility”.
At Asetek we believe in responsible and sustainable development. We view our products as having the potential to be part of the solution to the urgent need for energy optimization. Our liquid cooling technology has the potential to disruptively transform the efficiency with which optimal operating temperatures are maintained – not only in the equipment of gaming enthusiasts and professionals globally, but commercially applied in data centers throughout the world as well.

We work tirelessly at ensuring the responsible business practices of our own and that of our partners and suppliers, all the while engaging in transparent political and regulatory outreach to pave the way for the efficient data infrastructure of tomorrow.

We strongly adhere to the idea of businesses holding partial responsibility for a sustainable future for all, which is why our policies on corporate social responsibility and our aspirations within corporate citizenship reach far beyond mere compliance.


In 2022 we have continued the introduction of additional products in the emerging market for next-level immersive SimSports equipment and are now selling directly to end-users from Asetek’s own webshop.

Being a fast-moving technology company that sources, develops, manufactures, and distributes high-tech cooling and SimSports solutions globally is inevitably associated with the risk of causing or contributing to adverse impacts on human rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We aim to hedge these risks through strategy, policy commitments, and due diligence practices that align with globally recognized principles for responsible business conduct and industry standards, having already effectuated our Responsible Business Partners Code of Conduct signed by a 100% of crucial component suppliers within our cooling business. In 2023 we aim for the status of signatory amongst 100 % of our primary suppliers, extending this initiative to our new business of SimSports equipment.


During 2022 we have continued our work of fostering responsible business relationships. We rely heavily on key suppliers of components, making responsible business partnerships an integral part of our success. Moving forward, this reliance on the ability of value chain constituents to deliver on our strict requirements for responsible conduct and practice will only increase as a result of increased demands for sustainable development.

Strict and consequent adherence to our principles for responsible business conduct and corporate social responsibility has led to zero severe impacts on human rights and zero instances of detected corruption or bribery in neither our upstream nor downstream activities.

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