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Our people are what makes Asetek. Therefore, it continues to be at the very forefront of our goals and ambitions, to continue to promote human potential and diversity by providing and ensuring a healthy, safe and developing working environment for all the people that make us who we are. Be that employees, customers or external partners and stakeholders.

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Sustainability is about so much more than taking responsibility for our climate footprint. It’s about performing in a manner and fashion consistent with the needs of everyone and everything around us. This goes for the people that make up Asetek as well. We take our responsibility for the people we employ and work with seriously, which is why we work to always promote diversity and equality for all. This includes increasing the proportion of the underrepresented gender at all levels of management.

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, embedded in Asetek’s CSR policy, we are committed to continuously working to identify, prevent, or mitigate potential and actual adverse impacts on human rights that we may cause or contribute to – anywhere in our value chain.


We systematically collect all relevant employee data, and currently measure and assess this area using a wide array of KPIs, including – but not limited to – gender diversity in relevant management positions, sick days, work accidents and hours invested in education.

A part of the managerial roles at Asetek is conducting employee development dialogues on a regular basis throughout the year. An important tool, enabling us to urgently act on indicators of stress or illness in our workforce.

Training in the handling of machines and chemicals in a safe and responsible manner is undertaken continuously to ensure a safe working environment, keeping work accidents at an absolute minimum. All relevant aspects of ensuring a good and safe workplace for all are covered in the Asetek employee handbook, which was updated in 2022. This handbook covers a wide array of subjects, including the values and culture deeply embedded in our company, as well as best practices regarding health and safety.


In 2022, we’ve realized our goal of reaching 40% female representation in Asetek’s Board of Directors, thus securing early compliance with the goal set forth by recent EU legislation.

In 2021, we conducted our first impact assessment to identify actual and/or potential adverse impacts on human rights that we may cause or contribute to along our global value chain and among our employees. In 2022 we continued this process of due diligence, identifying zero severe impacts.

During the year, Asetek has worked with several corporate social responsibility topics, strengthening our focus and awareness around being an appealing workplace for all. We will continue this fruitful work of ensuring a working environment that attracts the best people, regardless of gender, all the while ensuring the realization of a diverse and equal workforce.

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