Sustainability Governance and Policies

As the global leader in high-performance liquid cooling solutions for gamers, enthusiasts, and data center operators, Asetek is committed to providing cutting-edge technology that responds to the challenges of the world and promotes sustainable development. Our core policies serve as a guiding light in everything we do, influencing everything from design to sourcing, production, and distribution.

We acknowledge that we, as a significant player in our field of business, hold responsibility for constantly working towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operations.

A big part of assuring compliance with our own ambitions for responsibility is developing and adhering strictly to our stated policies on Environment, Human rights, and Anticorruption. We continually evaluate the relevance of any current policies, as well as develop additions to those currently in place at Asetek.

This has led to the development and adoption of several new policies in previous years, including a Tax policy (2022), a data ethics policy (2021), and a diversity policy (2020)

In the following sections, we provide a brief overview of our governance and policies.
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Recognizing the urgent need for actions as illuminated through the global environmental and climate agenda as well as the risks associated with being a tech company, we have developed an environment and climate policy.

This entails our ongoing commitment towards promoting and supporting environmentally sustainable practices. We will continuously work to reduce our own adverse environmental impacts. This effort shall be realized through the continued application and development of climate and environmentally friendly services, solutions and technologies in our approach to business.

We stay vigilant and committed through the on-going surveillance of how we perform on a diverse array of KPIs, including – but not limited to – GHG-emissions, handling of waste, renewable energy share, rare earth metals and conflict minerals

Being a fast-growing technology company that sources, develops, manufactures, and distributes high-tech solutions globally, we are inevitably associated with the risk of causing or contributing to adverse impacts on the environment or climate. We seek to hedge any such risks through the strict adherence to our evolving governance measures regarding the environment.

Human rights

In order to ensure the resilience and robustness of the many partnerships that make up Aseteks operations, we believe that sustainable behavior is an important part of our identity. Great relationships with customers, partners and employes is integral to both our own success, and to our ability to live up to our aspirations regarding the social aspect of ESG.

Our respect for human rights is reflected in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights (UNGPs). These guiding principles have informed our own policy on Human Rights, leading to us dealing with any potential or actual adverse impacts on the rights contained within the International Bill of Human Rights, including core labor rights.

We are committed to consequently performing thorough business reviews, ensuring the swift identification and handling of any such actual or potential adverse impacts. Similarly, we will seek to ensure that our business relationships manage the adverse impacts that they may cause or contribute to, thus ensuring the positive ripple effect of our policy commitments throughout our global value chain.


We firmly oppose any form of corruption in our business and operations, defined as the abuse of trusted power to influence or promote a particular course of action or omission for commercial or personal gain, leading to unfair competition and harming transparency.

We are committed to being open and transparent about our business activities, thereby not accepting any form of bribery, corruption, or fraud, regardless of significance. We seek to promote these healthy values, aiming to further strengthen the integrity of our business conduct.

Apart from respecting the rule of law everywhere we operate, we are committed to adhering to our own requirements and standards even when these may be more stringent than those set forth legislatively.

Our commitment to transparency extends to the area of potential conflicts of interests as well. We do not accept any form of misuse of our own or the confidential information of our partners. Generally speaking, we expect all employees to act diligently, applying common sense and judgments to ensure confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest between their own and Asetek’s interests.

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