500-Series (550, 570, 590)

The modern era of liquid coolers started with the Asetek 500-series. The 550LC, 570LC and 590LC first started going into OEM partner desktops in 2009, and even today people are successfully and happily using the 500 series coolers. The modern all in one (AIO) form-factor used was so successful it became the de facto standard for all liquid coolers for over ten years.

The Asetek 550LC 120mm liquid cooling system was closed loop, meaning it was fully contained in a single unit. Thanks to the 4th generation pump, improved gaskets, and rubber tubing, the 550LC was graded for 50,000 hours of use and 100% reliability. Asetek has retained that standard since the VapoChill over a decade earlier.

Thanks to a simple installation process and an even lower power draw requirement, the 550LC and larger models became a stable for OEM partners and individual buyers to liquid cool their desktops. Overclockers especially favored the Asetek 570LC and 590LC, which boasted larger 240mm and 360mm radiators with double- and triple-fan setups. Yet even the smaller 550LC outperformed top-tier air coolers while still remaining quieter than 37db.

The 500-series was so easy to install and use that the list of partners included Dell, HP, CyberPower PC, iBuyPower, HP, Acer, ASUS, and many more. The 550LC, thanks to its incredible performance and small single-fan form factor, continued to be the top choice for PC builders for years. It’s no surprise that people are both actively using the decade-old liquid cooler today and still achieving excellent performance, even on modern CPUs.

As with previous liquid coolers, iterations on the 550LC even extended into the mini ATX space with the Asetek 545LC 92mm AIO. This foray into even smaller desktop frames proved that even smaller desktops could achieve best-in-class cooling solutions. It was a major step for Asetek to become the biggest maker of small form factor liquid cooling solutions, a trend that continues today.

Without a doubt, the Asetek 550LC was the first true AIO liquid cooling system, and its lineage continues today with even more innovation. And it all started here: unparalleled performance, excellent build quality, and technology that remains competitive over a decade later. This award-winning liquid cooler paved the way for Asetek to reach desktops in homes and businesses around the world, and to be the premier thermal solution for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals around the globe.

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