RackCDU D2C™ (Direct-to-Chip)

Hot Water Liquid Cooling for Data Centers

RackCDU D2C is a “free cooling” solution that captures between 60% and 80% of server heat, reducing data center cooling cost by over 50% and allowing 2.5x-5x increases in data center server density. D2C removes heat from CPUsGPUsmemory modules within servers using water as hot as 40°C (105°F), eliminating the need for chilling to cool these components.

Chilling is the largest portion of data center cooling OpEx and CapEx costs. With RackCDU D2C, less air needs to be cooled and moved by Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH) or Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. Further, liquid cooled servers need less airflow resulting in more energy efficient servers.

RackCDU™ is capable of returning water from the data center at temperatures high enough to enable waste heat recycling. Data centers choosing this option recover a portion of the energy running their servers further increasing energy cost savings, reducing carbon footprint and resulting in cooling Energy Reuse Efficiencies (ERE) below 1.0!

VerticalRackCDU™ D2C is deployed at a rack/server level providing maximum scalability. The system consists of a zero-U rack level CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit) mounted in a 10.5 inch rack extension that includes space for 3 additional PDUs, and direct-to-chip server coolers that are drop in replacements for standard server air heat sinks.

InRackCDU™ D2C provides the option of having RackCDU™ mounted in the server rack. InRackCDU does not take up aisle space and includes the same monitoring features as Asetek’s VerticalRackCDU. 

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Features and Benefits

  •  Reduced data center OpEx and CapEx
  •  Immediate to 1 year payback typical
  •  Captures 60% to 80% of server heat
  •  2.5x-5x increases in server density
  •  Enables data center consolidation and mitigates build-outs
  •  Surveillance/alarm system supports DCIM via SNMP
  •  Low pressure, redundant pumps for reliability
  •  Waste heat recycling can achieve ERE < 1

VerticalRackCDU D2C™

InRackCDU D2C™


How it Works

RackCDU D2C Overview


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