A Closer Look at Asetek’s All-In-One

Today’s computers are better looking than ever.  Gone are the days of a massive desktop and monitor cluttering your workspace.  The question is, why should you have to give up on computing power to get a great looking machine?

This struggle is quite evident at my in-law’s home. Previously, they had a powerful desktop PC in the family room but when it came to upgrade, they settled for an all-in-one. The keyword here is settled. For them, the benefits of a sleeker AIO design outweighed those of a full size performance desktop.

Even Apple, who is arguably the height of industrial design, limits their AIO iMac to a mobile Intel Core i7. To get a desktop processor in Apple’s lineup, you have to spring for the $2,499 Mac Pro.

We wanted to prove that you don’t need to sacrifice performance to get an AIO design that you would actually put in your family room. In creating the liquid cooled AIO prototype, we had three objectives:

  1. A thin and sleek form factor
  2. Cutting edge technology
  3. The highest thermal performance with the lowest noise

Our AIO prototype features a 24” display and uses a liquid cooled Intel Core i7 2.66Ghz desktop processor and nVidia GTX280M graphics card in an enclosure that, at 58mm, matches the slender profile of Apple’s iMac.

Heat generated by the 130W CPU and 75W graphics processor is captured within the main enclose and transported to the stand of the all-in-one. A radiator and a pair of fans remove heat from the liquid and a pump returns cooled liquid to the main enclosure to capture more heat.

Currently Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo and many others are building sleek AIO computers. Imagine if they were able to harness true desktop processing power and combine it with their great designs. You might finally be able to sit in the family room and edit your home movies with a computer that you are proud to display.

Watch Todd give an up close tour of our all-in-one and tell us what you think in the comments.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more videos showcasing our latest liquid cooling breakthroughs.

The press release can be found here.


Zack Fanning

Marketing Communications Manager

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