Asetek joins the Conscious Advertising Network

As Asetek enters the B2C market, it is important that we are aware of the wider impact of our choices when it comes to advertisement. We need to not only ensure that our ads represent our products and services fairly, but also that these same ads don’t support disinformation, criminal activities or hate speech. Asetek has therefore decided to join the Conscious Advertising Network. The Conscious Advertising Network is a voluntary coalition of over 70 organizations set up to ensure that industry ethics catches up with the technology of modern advertising.

Advertisement on the internet is deeply connected to the content. Ads are placed on websites by automated systems based on the perceived target audience of the content on the page, be it a blog, article, or video. This content can be produced by anything from an independent blogger or reviewer to a large international news network. In either case, the ads help fund the content on the website and the activities of the content producer. If this content is misleading, for example, promoting fake news, disinformation or clickbait, then the ad money spent is helping produce misleading content. Media has always been subjective, but Asetek intends to work with advertisers that reward accountable and high-quality content, thereby helping promote responsible content that is aligned with our corporate values.

Consumers increasingly choose brands that align with their own values, and appearing along misleading content helps fund this misleading content and represents a reputational risk as we have seen several cases of in the media. 

In addition, ad fraud is a growing form of economic criminality, estimated to reach $44 billion by 2022. Ad fraud is estimated as being the #1 cybercrime in terms of revenue and funds criminal networks and activities worldwide. Companies can both be victims of ad fraud and inadvertent accomplices through, for example, hijacking of ads and links. Asetek intends to take any means we can to ensure we don’t contribute to ad fraud, and will do this through working with verified partners ensuring the technical integrity of our digital content. 

Asetek agrees with and seeks to implement CAN’s six manifestos, namely: 

  1. Ensure that we don’t fund channels that fund fake news, clickbait and any intentionally misleading content. 
  2. Not be inadvertently funding hate speech.
  3. Use authorized advertising channels, making sure our ads don’t enable ad fraud and thereby fund criminal networks and activities.
  4. Strive to promote diversity in our advertisement and content.
  5. We will not be advertising to children, but as children might inadvertently see our ads and campaign, ensure that our messaging is positive and does not promote glamourizing or promoting negative values. 


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