Asetek, PNY, and Origin PC at E3 2011

Following in its longstanding tradition, E3 was a show of epic proportions. Multimillion dollar booths, booth babes everywhere and announcements from just about every company in attendance. Nintendo announced a new console, Sony announced a new portable device, and Microsoft showed off a bit of everything. There were more PC games than you could count. Ultimately, E3 proved once again that this is one industry that is nearly bulletproof.

Amid all the hoopla and fanfare was Asetek and PNY’s announcement that we would be bring sealed loop liquid cooling to the graphics world. We had showed off prototypes and we had talked about it with some folks, but it all went official at E3. Origin PC built a system using both products to come out of this announcement:

  1. A GPU only loop that comes with a 5 year warranty at a cost of only $100 more than the air cooled version of the card.
  2. A CPU GPU loop that comes with a 5 year warranty at a cost of only $150 more than the air cooled version of the card.

This SLI monster was on display in a booth we shared with Creative in the West Hall. A great time was had by all and so many people were excited to see the new product in action. We even gave away some Tshirts and had pro gamers from Team Complexity playing on our new stuff.

On Tuesday, I carried that beast roughly a mile or two over to an event across the street where PNY, Origin and Asetek were showing off the liquid cooled graphics to all the press. Thanks to Origin we could really demonstrate the capability of our product and ended up in several video interviews and even a radio show called Into Tomorrow w/ David Graveline. All in all, it was a fantastic event and we were very happy to meet so many of the press and answer all their questions. Origin, PNY and I even filmed our own little video which you can find at the bottom of this blog post. Check it out.

Kevin from Origin wondering how I am still upright.E3 was a great show and the response from the community was very positive. We are very excited to be working together. We are happy to be at these shows interacting with the community and look forward to see you at the next big show!

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