Liquid Cooling The New Black?

As I am sure you have heard or read about, Intel and AMD are now selling liquid cooling from Asetek alongside their high end “overclocking” CPU’s. We at Asetek are very proud of these announcements for a couple of reasons: First, it further cements Asetek as pioneers in the overclocking industry (crazy that it is now called an industry!). Secondly, try to imagine your own start up in the PC space not only having Acer, Dell and HP as your customers, but also Intel and AMD.

When I made the first VapoChill back in 1997, overclocking was not the industry-accepted phenomenon it is today. I officially founded Asetek in 2000 and at the time very few in the industry wanted to talk about overclocking, let alone talk about our technologies that encouraged it.

It has been fun to see the rise of overclocking into the mainstream and I’m proud to have been one of the people behind both ASUS’s and ABIT’s (remember the kings of overclocking from back then?) great overclocking features. For a number of years we co-exhibited at CeBIT and Computex with these companies, always displaying the “World’s Fastest PC”

I remember having many conversations with motherboard engineers as to why I wanted CPU FSB independent of PCI and memory frequency as well as being able to adjust Vcore in the BIOS rather than having to solder on the motherboard. That’s right – very basic overclocking features in today’s world but nevertheless completely unheard of at the time!

Let’s fast forward to today – every major consumer PC vendor and Systems Integrator now promotes liquid cooling, the CPU and GPU manufacturers promote overclocking and I almost dropped my jaw when I read that IBM is now selling overclocked servers! Ha ha, imagine that: IBM and overclocking! (We will shortly be doing the same, but that’s a story for another day).

All that history brings us today. Getting the blue stamp and endorsement from these companies is a big validation of how far Asetek as a company and our liquid cooling as a technology have come. Going forward, we will continue to be at the forefront of an industry that will further utilize overclocking and liquid cooling to the benefit of you, the end user.

Did I mention that I think liquid cooling is the new black?!?

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