Questions of the Month-August 2011

“Questions of the Month” is a blog feature that addresses some of the questions that come to us about our products and technology. Feel free to submit your own questions to [email protected].

I am having trouble removing the sticky pads that are attached to the Asetek Sticky Pads mounting bracket and motherboard. Any tips to safely remove them?

Sometimes the sticky pads that are used to help place the retention bracket on the motherboard can be a bit stubborn to remove. We’ve had success with blowing warm air from a hairdryer over the sticky pads. After a few moments, the adhesive should loosen up and the pads should come off easily.

I am a small system integrator interested in purchasing OEM units from Asetek. How can I get more information about integrating Asetek liquid cooling in my systems?

We value the opportunity to work with system integrators, big and small. To become an SI partner, please send an email to [email protected] and tell us a little about your company and we’ll get you started.

What kind of water is used in Asetek’s liquid coolers?
The liquid in Asetek liquid coolers is a unique blend of distilled water with anti-freeze, anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties. Unlike automotive anti-freeze, it is safe, environmentally friendly and nonflammable.

Remember, the cooling liquid is sealed inside the unit from the factory. Because of this, the liquid will last the life of the product so no refilling or maintenance is required. Please recycle with other electronic equipment.

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