Questions of the Month-July 2011

“Questions of the Month” is a blog feature that addresses some of the questions that come to us about our products and technology. Feel free to submit your own questions to [email protected].

I saw that the new PNY GTX580 Liquid Cooled Graphics Card with CPU Cooling uses a 120mm radiator. Will that be enough to properly cool both the CPU and GPU?
You are correct that the radiator on PNY’s GTX 580 GPU with CPU Cooling is a 120mm radiator. However, it is a 2” thick radiator, that’s twice as thick as the radiator found on the GTX 580 Liquid Cooled Graphics card without CPU Cooling. The extra thickness provides the additional cooling required when adding the CPU. When using the included two fans, the double thick radiator is more than capable of handling the load of the CPU and GPU.

In addition, we have found in our real world tests the CPU and GPU are rarely stressed 100% at the same time. For those that want the performance of liquid cooling for their GPU and CPU without the hassle of custom built liquid cooling, the combined loop is a great solution.

Where can I purchase the 92mm 545LC?
The 545LC is not currently available in retail channels for individual purchase outside of Japan. However, we occasionally have units available for sale direct from Asetek. If interested, simply contact us at [email protected] and we’ll try and help you out.

Where in the world is Asetek located?
Originally founded in Denmark, today Asetek is a global organization with employees around the world. Our three major operating locations are in San Jose, California in the USA (Sales & Marketing), in Brønderslev (near Aalborg) in Denmark (Engineering, R&D, Quality Management) and Xiamen, China (Global Operations). Our global presence allows us to provide solutions for every major region.

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