Questions of the Month-June 2011

“Questions of the Month” is a blog feature that addresses some of the questions that come to us about our products and technology. Feel free to submit your own questions to [email protected].

What type of thermal interface paste does Asetek use?
TIM (Thermal Interface Material) plays an important role in achieving the best temperatures possible from your CPU liquid cooler. We supply all our water coolers from the factory with a commercial blend of Shin Etsu X23 thermal paste.

Not only does it offer top performance, it also has an instant cure time. That means you don’t need to wait to reach optimal temperature like other types of TIM. For more on thermal paste, check out Stu’s blog entry on the subject.

Can I purchase your pump or other components of Asetek liquid cooling individually?
We pride ourselves on the reliability of our systems. Our innovative design integrates the traditionally separate pump, reservoir, and cold plate. This integration translates to fewer tube connections, thereby eliminating potential leak points. Having the components available for sale individually would make this integration impossible.

Additionally, Asetek liquid cooling technology has been thoroughly tested and certified by an independent outside lab to operate without maintenance for over 50,000 hours. Each system is helium integrity tested to ensure it will operate properly from the day it is put in service.

Because of our commitment to reliable and maintenance-free water cooling, we only offer Asetek technology as a self-contained system.

Will Asetek sponsor my PC build?
We know the importance of supporting the community that has made us the world’s leading supplier of liquid cooling technology for computers. PC builds are a great way to show innovative and creative uses for Asetek water cooling to those who are not yet familiar with the technology.

While we can’t accommodate every request we get, feel free to send sponsored PC build ideas to [email protected] and we’ll happily consider it. Please provide as much information as you can about the project and what Asetek liquid cooler you would like to use in it. In addition, include the sites and forums where you will be showcasing your sponsored build. The more exposure your project can get, the more likely we’ll be able to be a part of it.

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