Questions of the Month-March 2011

“Questions of the Month” is a blog feature that will address some of the questions that come to us about our products and technology. Feel free to submit your own questions to [email protected].

Today’s edition will focus around the process of installing, configuring, and maintaining your Asetek liquid CPU cooler.

Do you recommend installing the radiator fan in an exhaust or intake configuration?
Liquid coolers give the best CPU cooling performance when the coolest possible air is moving air through the radiator.  To that end, Asetek recommends you install our liquid coolers as intake from the cool ambient room air for the best possible performance.

Keep in mind every system is different and we encourage you to experiment with different fan configurations. Be sure to share your experience with us on Facebook or Twitter!

As this is a question that comes up often, Stu (our resident PC enthusiast) will be testing the effects of various fan configurations and air pressure in an upcoming blog post.

What screws should I use for a push/pull configuration?
Adding a second fan on the opposite side of the radiator is a great way to achieve even lower temperatures from Asetek liquid CPU coolers. Not only will you need an additional fan, you will also need 4 additional screws. Luckily, they are generally easy to find at your local hardware supply store.

You will want to start by looking for 6-32 UTS screws. The size of your fan will determine the length of the 6-32 screw needed. The critical thing is to use a screw that won’t extend more than .175″ into the mounting holes. For a typical 1” thick fan we recommend a screw length of 1 ¼” inch screw with a washer under the screw head.

I am upgrading my system. Where can I get a retention kit that is compatible with your CPU coolers?
We have made our retention kits available at our online store. The kits include mounting hardware for AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, Intel 775, 1155 (Sandy Bridge), 1156, and 1366.  Retention kits for upgrading to Intel 2011 socket motherboards (Sandy Bridge E) will be available later this year.

What kind of maintenance is required for Asetek liquid cooling?
Asetek liquid CPU coolers are factory filled and sealed. That means you get the benefits of liquid cooling without disruption or the extra work of routine maintenance.

Although your Asetek liquid cooling system is maintenance free, blowing (or sucking) out any dust buildup inside your radiator fins will ensure that you maintain the same airflow through the radiator that you had when your system was brand new. To ensure maximum performance from your Asetek liquid cooling system, it is therefore a good idea to remove any dust buildup from your radiator as part of your normal chassis cleaning routine.

I hope this information helps you through the process of installing and configuring your liquid cooler to perform its absolute best.

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