Questions of the Month-May 2011

“Questions of the Month” is a blog feature that addresses some of the questions that come to us about our products and technology. Feel free to submit your own questions to [email protected].

This round of questions focused on some of the new innovations Asetek has included in our most recent water coolers. We’re constantly innovating to bring you better performance and features. Have something you’d like to see? Feel free to send us your comments!

Why is rubber tubing being used on Asetek’s latest water coolers?
When Asetek introduced our sealed CPU liquid coolers, we needed to find a tubing material that would eliminate the need for big reservoirs and the refilling that was inherently required with custom liquid cooling. We achieved this by using FEP corrugated plastic, but we have received feedback that the stiff tubing can be difficult to install into tight spaces.

After nearly 18 months of testing different materials under prolonged and strenuous conditions, we found a rubber material that achieves the same durability and longevity of the plastic tubing. At the same time it is much easier to bend, allowing for easier tube routing and installation. We think you’ll immediately see the benefit of these new rubber tubes the first time you install an Asetek water cooler with them.

What is the difference between Asetek’s Automatic and Interactive liquid temperature fan control?
Some of Asetek’s newest liquid CPU liquid coolers come with one of two versions of liquid temperature fan control. Both will provide you increased cooling when you need it, and a quiet system when you don’t. Automatic and Interactive fan control systems use firmware and temperature sensors built into the pump to control radiator fans.

  • Automatic fan control uses predefined fan speed curves embedded into the firmware for “Plug and Play” fan control. The cooler will automatically ramp up fans when the liquid temperature begins to rise and ramp down when the liquid is cooled. Automatic fan control uses voltage regulation to control fan speed. Any 12V fan can be used with Automatic fan control. The fan control wire is fitted with a 3-pin connector. Fans with 2-pin or 3-pin connectors can be plugged directly into this connector.
  • Interactive fan control interfaces with Asetek’s ChillControl™ App, giving enthusiasts the ability to choose between Performance or Silent modes. In addition, the Custom mode allows you to control the fan speed with customized curve parameters.

Because Interactive fan control uses a PWM signal to control fan speed, only PWM fans with a 4-pin connector will work properly. All other fans will run at full speed all the time.

Which version of fan control is best for you? If you’d prefer to have the liquid cooler choose the best fan speed, choose Automatic. If you’d like to have control over your fan speeds, choose Interactive. (Asetek water coolers with Interactive fan control also include additional features, including pump lighting control and temperature monitoring with ChillControl.)

Is ChillControl compatible with all Asetek liquid CPU coolers?
ChillControl requires Interactive liquid temperature fan control to be embedded into the pump. The software will not be able to interact with coolers that do not have Interactive liquid temperature fan control.

Pumps with Interactive fan control are easy to identify by the USB cable coming out of them in addition to the typical fan control and pump power cables.

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