ROG STRIX LC III ARGB Powered by Asetek Gen7 V2 Tech

Current gaming PCs are more than computing tools. Nowadays if a modern gaming system doesn’t have visual flare to match boast-worthy performance, than its just mid. The ROG STRIX LC III ARGB is the first in a series of new STRIX III AIOs with more to drop soon. These new coolers are your frontline defense against the heat-load from the latest AMD Ryzen and Intel processors. It’s also the first to leverage Asetek Gen7 v2 pump tech design.

Asetek’s new Gen7 V2 cooling innovation iterates on the existing design with new Turbulence-Channel cold plate technology that provides greater thermal performance than is possible with traditional split-flow cold plates.


  • New Turbulence Channel cold plate targets the hottest part of the CPU die for industry-leading thermal performance.
  • Improved cooling performance up to 0.5°C/100W on average.
  • Out-of-Bound temperature sensing continuously monitors the liquid temperature and automatically boosts the pump speed to clear any temperature excursions, ensuring smooth system operation for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Under-the-hood system enhancements resulting in even quieter operation versus previous generations.

As always, Asetek solutions are subject to intense and rigorous quality and reliability testing to ensure top performance longevity. The idea is that your day-1 experience is no different from your day 1500. That very same workhouse-style diligence is baked into the ROG STRIX LC III ARGB AIO cooler and every other subsequent solution in the STRIX III series. The new Turbulence-Channel cold plate is the result of countless hours of testing to provide top performance and maximum heat absorption that lasts. 

Asetek and ASUS ROG worked closely to create the ROG STRIX LC III ARGB Series, ASUS ROG’s workhorse gaming CPU cooler. The AIO liquid coolers are available in 280mm and 360mm radiator sizes and offered in black or white color options. No matter which radiator size you choose, you will receive 2-3 strong air pressure fans capable of 2200rpm with a 36dBA for quiet operation. A few unique features new to the STRIX III Series include a 360° rotatable pump block, Gen7 v2 Asetek pump, Premium ROG ARGB fans, and 10+ custom Aura lighting effects.

Enhance your gaming setup with a range of Aura lighting effects, transforming it into a vibrant display. The intelligent mode goes a step further by incorporating dynamic lighting that reflects various hardware loads. Additionally, with Aura Creator support, you have the freedom to customize your own distinctive lighting effects, ensuring your gaming rig stands out and remains unique to you style.

Whether your style is AMD-red or Intel-blue, this cooler has you covered. You can’t cool the best processors if they aren’t supported. The ROG STRIX III ARGB offers compatibility for modern socket types including Intel LGA 1700, 1200, 115x as well as AMD AM5 and AM4. 

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