High Performance Computing

Increasing wattage of CPUs and GPUs has been the trend for many years in all types of data centers. For HPC clusters, the wattages of high performance CPUs and GPUs are no longer addressable with air cooling alone.

Sustained Compute Throughput

HPC is characterized by clusters and their nodes running at 100% utilization for sustained periods. An inflection point has been reached in the relationship between server density, the wattage of key silicon components and heat rejection.

This is becoming critical as sustained computing throughput is paramount to the type of applications implemented in high density racks and clusters.

To support the highest sustained throughput, cooling targets for HPC clusters require assured reliability and cooling that promises no throttling of the CPUs & GPUs. Asetek liquid cooling solutions allow processors to run cooler and the entire cluster to run at peak performance for sustained periods.

Scalable Architecture

Implementation of liquid cooling at its best requires an architecture that can keep up with the highest rack power densities and can be adapted quickly to the latest server designs. Asetek offers a flexible, proven and reliable liquid cooling solutions for air cooled and liquid cooled data centers.

Asetek Solutions for HPC

Server with Asetek Direct to Chip liquid cooling

D2C/Ingredient Coolers

Dramatically increase data center density and enable maximum sustained CPU throughput

Asetek InRackLAAC


Rack level Liquid Assisted Air Cooled (LAAC) solution for air cooled data centers

Asetek InRackCDU


Rack level direct to chip (D2C) solution for liquid cooled data centers